Our guide to the Kind Oasis + Friends Spring Pop Up event: Vendor guide (Part 3)

Sheena Monahan | 23 March, 2021

            Our guide to the Kind Oasis + Friends Spring Pop Up event: Vendor guide (Part 3)

We are so excited to have been asked to join in to participate in the Kind Oasis + Friends Spring Pop-Up Event this Saturday March 27th from 10 AM - 5PM.

I'd like to share with you who the other vendors are so you can get pumped up for your next awesome shop local experience! Come visit!! 

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This is a continuation of our guide part 1 and part 2


mudita mag

Mudita Magazine is a women-owned publication that focuses on self-care practices, mental health, physical wellness, yoga, sustainable living, healthy recipes, and artwork from artists across the globe. 2% of every magazine sale is donated to a new non-profit each quarter. I just discovered them and love their mission to empower, build connections and encourage wellness physically and mentally. LOVE.

Check out their website: https://linktr.ee/muditamagazine


wild fox brand

Oh hi! it's my turn! Hi my name is Sheena Monahan and I am the owner of Wild Fox Brand Handmade Gifts.

In trying to find an image that represents my small business I chose the photo above. I make a wide variety of customized gifts and work with my customers very closely to make sure they have the most perfect, most sentimental gifts to the best of my abilities. It all started with a custom t-shirt back in 2019 and grew to a small business focusing on my customer's needs to spread love with gift giving and showing up for others with something personal and thoughtful. I LIVE (and love) to empower other women as well as the youth in our community with a Handmade by Kids Project I started and host year round with a new child's handmade product featured every 2 months (and indefinitely if they desire). I am dedicated to reducing fabric waste by repurposing old unmendable clothing and fabric scraps into beautiful handmade gifts. I am so thankful to be included in this event this year and hoping to join in many more in 2021!

Check out my website: www.wildfoxgifts.com


kind oasis

Our lovely host Kind Oasis is Milwaukee's one stop shop for all your CBD needs. I've never tried CBD products before honestly but I am definitely looking forward to the daily relief gummies and oils for myself and for my parents.

The Kind Oasis family includes a cannabis scientist, wellness chef, entrepreneurs, marketing and customer service associates who believe in the power of hemp. They are committed to building Wisconsin's hemp eco-system so try to source from local hemp farmers and extractors.

Check out their website: https://kindoasis.com/


support local mke

Such an incredible resource and crutch for the small businesses in our community. Support Local Milwaukee (#supportlocalMKE) is dedicated to promoting and raising awareness for local businesses in and around the Milwaukee area. COVID was a disaster for a lot of us and this organization helped through the pandemic and we all cant thank them enough. They even offer a local business guide you can find to more easily discover small businesses to try and support.

Check out their website: https://www.supportlocalmke.com/love-local


I hope I got everyone (that took longer than I expected to write) but I hope this helped you discover new brands, new people in our community and new products to try!

See you Saturday!!

Love Sheena Monahan

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