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Custom fabric: Harbor seal stuffed toy (Repurposed fabric!)

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These sell out quickly and fabric colors and material will vary from flat cotton, minky fabric, felt, corduroy, canvas ... based on available fabric donated to repurpose. 

I guarantee a natural color combination and a soft realistic look to every seal. Color choices will range from white, browns and black.

If you would like a custom color please let me know.

Variations will be posted individually as I make them. I cannot guarantee any seal to have an exact match due to limit fabric options! But that's the fun about being unique!!! 


These seals are made using a pattern by an amazing maker named Dermot O' Grady in Wexford Ireland. His company is called Crafty Kooka and I am so in love with this seal. (https://www.etsy.com.ie/shop/CraftyKooka)

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