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I've worked all my undergraduate and graduate life in scientific research labs in Chicago, Boston and South Bend Indiana (cardiovascular/immunology/cancer). In between precious experiments, intense precision work with animal biopsies, managing several projects at once and flow cytometry work I was doodling at my desk and daydreaming that one day I can slow down and just paint rocks and be outside or maybe become a baker. (I was mentally stressed out, clearly because I hate being in the kitchen! lol)

After my 3rd son was born I let it all go, released all the stress of deadlines and precious microliter samples and found my passion in CREATING, mural painting, sewing, knitting and just helping others spread their beautiful love to others in the form of handmade and sentimental gifts. 

I started my small business in 2019 just before COVID-19 hit however with the incredible perseverance of LOVE, my business thrived and grew. The generous spirit of my community never skipped a beat. I have made well over 1000 gifts for my community and I hope to never see the end of it. 

The best gifts are more than something you find on Amazon. They have a meaning, they're made out of special fabric, they have a special word or quote that motivates you, they represent something important to you....something you look at everyday and it sparks memories and happiness. It's something YOU designed and created. I'm just here to execute your design and have it made for you.


keep on spreading the love.

a gift from Wild Fox Brand Handmade is proof of your beautiful love for others.

Thankful to my husband Patrick for working so hard to support my dream and my 3 loves for their joy in seeing my work and wanting to help and learn how to make and create on their own.